Through the school adoption program, our Foundation has adopted 1 public primary school; Muslim Model Nursery&Primary School Ago-Oko Abeokuta, Ogun State. Since 2016, the Foundation has been supporting the school through students enrichment, infrastructural support and co-curricular activities. Some of the support the Foundation has given includes; Renovation of 8 classrooms and school compound, furnishing and stocking the school library with books, equipping the school’s computer room, equipping the school’s science laboratory, furnishing the school’s sick bay, providing less-privileged children with school uniforms and bags, providing teachers with learning aids and support, providing guidance counselling and mentorship to the children and also providing the children with school meals through the government approved food vendors.

Also, as part of the school enrichment support, the Foundation established and sponsors two SDG clubs at our adopted school; the Girls guide and Boys scouts, the purpose of these club is to contribute to the pupils education through a value system. It helps the pupils develop life skills, take up leadership roles and explore their creativity through outdoor activities.

We also have a Literacy, Comprehension & Critical Thinking program which we run under the school adoption program. This is focused on helping the pupils understand what they are being taught and learn in a fun way. We conduct an assessment every session to select outstanding pupils who are awarded the secondary school scholarship.


The right exposure to tools and skills essential to thrive in the 21st Century work place are digital skills, leadership skills and team work. At the Abdul-Lateef & Sanni Foundation, it is our mission to ensure students who do do not have an opportunity to learn these skills have access to it through us. 

We have a Digital Skills and Community Development training programs that targets public secondary schools in Lagos, at the Learning and Development Centre, students are trained on digital skills and community development. The training is designed to develop students in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving, digital literacy, civic engagement and leadership.


At Abdul-lateef & Sanni Foundation, we believe that quality and impactful education is essential to improve the literacy level in Nigeria. We have many young Nigerians who aspire to be professionals in various academic fields but do have access to quality education. In our little way, we try to help them achieve their aspirations by providing students with scholarships.

Secondary School Scholarship

We have a Fully funded secondary school scholarship scheme that provides scholarships to pupils from our adopted school in Abeokuta. Students awarded scholarships are sponsored throughout the secondary education up till their tertiary education. Since the inception of the Foundation, we have given out a total of 10 secondary school scholarship awards to indigent students in Ogun state.

Tertiary Institution Scholarships

We have a teritary scholarship scheme that sponsors University students in varoius federal and state universities all over Nigeria.

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