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Abdul-Lateef & Sanni Foundation Vocational Training Scholarship Application Form

Application for the Abdul-Lateef & Sanni Foundation 2022 Vocational training scholarship is open; students who meet the below eligibility requirements should fill the application form attached.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must have completed senior secondary school
  • Applicant must have written their senior school certificate examination
  • Applicant must be 16 years and above as at the time of filing this application
  • Applicant must be able to communicate in the English Language


  • This scholarship covers tuition for the duration of vocational training.
  • A monthly stipend of N15,000 (fifteen thousand naira only) would be given to cover living expenses.
  • A flat-rate sum of N100,000 (One hundred thousand naira only) will be given to each beneficiary at the end of their training to set them up. However, this sum will only be presented at the end of the training and disbursement is made at the foundation’s discretion.

How to Apply

  • An application can only be made individually by filling the form below; no institutions or persons are authorised to apply for the Abdul-Lateef & Sanni Foundation Vocational skills training scholarship.
  • Please read the eligibility criteria and instructions carefully before filling the form.
  • Applicants are required to submit and upload the necessary documents requested in the application form.
  • Applications delivered by post or courier will not be accepted.
  • Application is FREE; please do not engage the services of a third party or agent who promises to give you the scholarship in exchange for a fee. 


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